Active Listening Skills

This workshop can be run in one day, or split into 3 x 2 hour sessions

Active Listening Skills workshops are ideal for anyone who wants to develop their listening and responding skills. They will give participants an opportunity to explore ways of saying what they have to say, responsibly, and in a caring, respectful and open way. By grounding my work in the theory of Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Approach, we will have a solid foundation from which to reflect on and improve our practice. We will:

  • recognise and practice the skills of Active Listening
  • try out new ways of responding
  • learn how to respond in challenging situations, exploring how we can support and empower the people we work with
  • develop our ability to relate with empathy and respect
  • appreciate and celebrate difference
  • become more aware of how we listen and why we respond as we do
  • relate to others in the group and experience the challenge of giving and receiving feedback


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