Aspiring Leaders

Using an Emotional Intelligence framework, aspiring leaders can use this series of 2 workshops to explore Personal Competences (intrapersonal skills) and Social Competences (interpersonal skills) within the context of leading themselves and others.

Part 1, Personal Competences:

Through a series of practical activities and small group discussions, participants will be able to increase their self-awareness by exploring different personality types; explore how they can best regulate their emotions, so that they can be used appropriately; and discover some techniques to maintain self-motivation, even when the going gets tough.

Part 2, Social Competences:

With an increased understanding of your personal competence, this workshop will allow you to explore your social awareness and social skills so that you find your own authentic style of communicating. Participants will be able to look at the challenges and opportunities that exist in the interlocking needs of team, task and individual; explore proactive language; and hone their social skills by working with empathy, active listening skills and through using assertive and empowering communication.

I enjoyed most the practical implementation of the theories and concepts; the course administrator is excellent and she delivered all the points clearly.

The personality style inventory and Concern vs Influence exercise made me more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

I am more aware of myself now and how I communicate with other people, specially who are different from me.

You made me ask myself what what I want and why I am doing my Phd.  You reminded me of the aims and objectives of doing my PhD.  This is important, as at this stage, I had forgotten the ‘why’ question.

I have already recommended this course to my friend.  As a PhD student you should be a leader of your PhD and get your supervisor’s team motivated in your PhD.  This is important as your supervisor already has their job and they are busy.

I would recommend this course because it allows you to explore new ideas and expands the very specific knowledge that most PhD students have.  The skills/knowledge will be exceptionally useful after the PhD/securing a job.

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