At Home

  • Is your home a place where you can relax and recover from the pressures of a day at work/school?
  • When you’re at home, do you have a strong sense of belonging to your tribe?
  • Do you feel good about yourself?
  • When there are problems, are you able to work together to find answers which everyone is happy with?
  • Do you feel heard and respected?
  • Are your needs being met; and are you meeting the needs of the people around you?
  • Are the relationships in your psychologically healthy and functional?

Supporting you with your Parenting

Join me to discover one approach that will feel good for you and your children, whatever their age and however different they are to each other.  Our parents invest their time and energy in us because they want to get the best from themselves and their children.  They identify and build on their strengths; and they find their own voice, which is often different to that of their own parents.  They keep their children safe by using power appropriately and they have strategies for preventing problems from happening in the first place.  They guide and influence their children to be themselves and live in the world.  Our parents ask for their needs to be met in the parent/child relationship because respectful relating is a two-way street.   They are skilful listeners and communicators, who raise children to become resilient problem solvers.  Our parents create happier, calmer family environments.  They create and sustain strong, long-term relationships with their children, from toddler to teenager and beyond.  What I Offer

Workshops for your Children

Young people live a life which encourages them to maximise their achievement.  This is a good thing but, for some, can be a very stressful thing too.  The result of an overactive achievement drive can be a highly stimulated stress response.  Some stress is good for us; too much can lead to problems.  We need to activate and nurture the third emotional regulation system in our young people – soothing.   I can help your children self regulate and soothe, so that they can find healthy levels of achievement and stress.  What I Offer

Coaching – Couple

Being together in relationship can be challenging – it requires work, commitment and (some would say) compromise.  Sometimes we can get stuck in unhelpful behaviours, which meet our own needs but create friction in the relationship.  Other times, we can focus on meeting the needs of the other partner only to discover that we’ve lost ourselves.  By looking at and understanding what relationship means in theory, we can move towards being interdependent – two fully functioning authentic individuals, in a psychologically healthy relationship.  Book here

Listening to people with Dementia

Person-Centred Active Listening Skills is widely recognised in research as being the most effective approach to use when communicating with people who have dementia.  Dementia robs people of their ability to reason with the world around them; it also strips them of their most recent memories.  What goes last is their emotions and it is this part that really needs to be heard.   Adjusting to this can be difficult for relatives and it’s hard for them to maintain a meaningful relationship.  Using Active Listening Skills can transform what can feel like a frustrating situation into one that is alive with character, meaning and emotion. 

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