At School

  • Would you like your young people to get some support with their relationship skills?
  • Do your young people need to prepare for transition to High School or University?
  • Would you like to support your parents by hosting a Parent Effectiveness Training course?
  • Do your staff need some interesting CPD opportunities?

Youth Effectiveness Training (YET)

Details to follow

KnowHow2 – Young People

A set of 2 hour workshops … Read more

Parent Effectiveness Training (PET)

PET is a licensed programme from Gordon Training International, California.  Carried out over 8x3hr sessions, I will take you through Thomas Gordon’s Behaviour Window ™, which includes a full set of communication and conflict-resolution skills and all the principles that underpin the PET approach.

PET follows a person centred approach to parenting, which focusses on strengthening the relationship between parent/child, so that it can grow/adjust as the child moves towards independence.  Read more

KnowHow2 – Parents

A set of 2 hour workshops… Read more

CPD for your staff

Teaching with Emotional Intelligence – 1 day

This interactive session invites participants to explore, understand implement emtional intelligence within their teaching roles to enhance the experience for both student and teacher.  Read more

An Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – 1 day

An opportunity to explore the basics of NLP in the context of communication and how we might adapt this (with integrity) to increase rapport, gain understanding and influence more effectively. Read more

Group Facilitation Skills – 1 day

Learn how to create an environment where individuals feel able to contribute ideas; where they feel safe enough to take risks; and where space is shared equally (rather than dominated by the few).  Read more

Effective Communication Skills – 4 hrs

Learn how to prepare for active listening (being present); notice what might get in the way of hearing; use empathy and acceptance; and find new ways to communicate in challenging situations.  Read more

Active Listening Skills – 1 day or 3x2hr sessions

Practice active listening skills – listening to others so they feel heard and understood; and responding skills – putting a point across,responsibly, and in a respectful and open way.  Read more

Change Resilience – 1 day

Simple processes, techniques and tools that we can all use to make managing the change, and our response to it, more effective.  Read more

Counselling Skills/Theory – 1 day

This workshop will introduce you to Person Centred Approach, as developed by Carl Rogers, one of the most influential humanistic psychologists of the 20th century.  Read more


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