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How to help your children argue

Siblings have been fighting each other for ever – it’s perfectly normal.   It’s how children deal with/solve their differences, it helps them come together, clear the air and bring in change.  It also brings depth to a relationship (‘the best part of breaking up is the making up’) and it allows people to get their […]

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Practising Mindfulness at Christmas

How are you getting on with your To Do list?  Our brains are very comfortable in ‘doing’ mode, planning, solving problems and making choices.   This is useful at Christmas, as it is in life; but ‘doing’ mode is no good when it comes to managing our emotions.   Emotions are not logical – we can’t reason […]

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’tis the Season to be Jolly

  There are some people who start prepping for Christmas in October, whilst others scramble around the brandy butter aisle at 10pm on Christmas Eve.  The former will probably be smiling, excited and slightly smug (only 10 days to go!).  The latter will not (only 10 days to go!). The difficulty we have with Christmas […]

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Help! My kids are slaves to screens

Screens are here to stay. They are a modern delight and problem, depending on which side of the screen you are. It’s not actually the mobile phones, ipads or televisions that are the issue – it’s our child’s, and indeed many adults, inability to regulate the amount of time they are in front of a screen. […]

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