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Coaching Conversation: 1 hr every month (ongoing)

What is your favourite line from a film?

Nobody puts baby in the corner’  Dirty Dancing

Who regularly makes you laugh and why?

Friends, family, colleagues, myself…I often laugh at myself and life in general

If you could choose 3 people you’d have dinner with (dead or alive), who would you invite?

My father who I never met; and my Uncle Pat, who died 20 years ago (he and my father knew each other when they were young).  And Edith Frank, Anne Frank’s mother.

What’s your funniest (clean) joke?

‘I told my friend that she drew her eyebrows on too high. She looked surprised.’

What’s on your desk right now?

Growth (Photo: Andrea Rippon, Norwich)
Growth (Photo: Andrea Rippon, Norwich)

Oh dear…..13 files, 1 stapler, 3 phones, a button tin, some bubbles, 2 x hand cream, 1 cup, 8 photographs, desk tidy with various pens/rulers/pencil/scissors/etc, a ceramic hand, a ceramic cupcake trinket holder, business cards, 1 very large picture of a deceased colleague, 2 x artwork from young person, sticky labels, 1 x notepad, post it notes, screen, mouse, keyboard, calendar, 2 x bottles water, hole punch

What’s your proudest moment?

Personally, I have so many regarding my children and their achievements in life.  Professionally, when a young person achieves their goals, whether it be completing a course, travelling on a bus alone or moving into their own accommodation.

What’s your most challenging moment?

Personally, it has yet to happen.  Professionally, there was a lovely young man I was supporting who went missing and was subsequently found drowned.  Also when a young person is not in a place where they can take the support that is offered to them. 

Potential (Photo: Andrea Rippon)
Potential (Photo: Andrea Rippon)

What helps you through the difficult bits?

Friends, inner strength, the knowledge that I can offload in a space that is just for me with Andrea, feeling valued, feeling heard

If your coaching experience was a journey, how would you describe it?

A gentle drift down the river watching the scenery as it passes by, some is nice to look at and some views are uncomfortable to witness, Andrea is there clearing the floating debris as we go, pointing out things I may have missed

What do you see as being your milestones (major insights or breakthroughs) on that journey?

It being pointed out that I don’t always have to ‘do something’ about every situation that is put in my path. It’s ok just to be.

What part did Andrea play?

Andrea is my companion, our journey continues

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