Relationships are essential to getting things done, especially when your success and wellbeing is dependent on others.   I work with organisations in all sectors, creating flexible coaching, facilitation and training interventions that encourage people to work better, together.

For teams, individuals, managers, leaders and graduates.  It’s not fluffy or framework heavy.   It’s about listening well and talking straight.   It’s about creating and maintaining healthy, productive relationships so that work is fulfilling and fun again.

It will probably be about supporting you to have difficult conversations that count.   It will always be about leading yourself, so people want to follow.  The focus is on doing what works. 

I will respect people alongside the financial dynamics. 

I use a knowledge of neuroscience, mindset work, empathy, acceptance and a communication/problem solving skillset to help you build authentic, respectful relationships in the workplace.   

Shift without shame, coach without criticism, do the difficult things well.  You tell me your objectives and I’ll help you deliver.

Call me for a free exploratory call (30 mins).

She’s amazing. I’ve seen her run a room of people with such humour, knowledge and understanding…

A transformative session for our people – and they’ve had plenty of coaching sessions before.

Lots of focussed, thinking that can be transferred in useful, practical ways.

Separating out the facts from the emotions.  That has shifted a huge block.

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