Counselling Skills

Interested in  deepening relationships, so you can support people better? Perhaps you are considering a career change?  Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Approach is regarded as being one of the most influential in humanistic psychology.  It is an approach that uses ‘relationship’ as the means to change, grow and develop.   We will learn how to provide others with an environment of genuine non-judgmental understanding, so that they can begin to take responsibility for their own lives.  To accept someone in this way, we will first need to listen, understand and accept ourselves. 

Counselling Skills

Counselling Skills

I have already started to use counselling skills at work.  I am now able to provide better emotional support by listening, instead of constantly offering advice.  (Voluntary Sector)

Person centred listening provide a good background for treating the patient as a human rather than a disease. (Medical Student)

I feel totally liberated in my thinking.  (Personal Development)

Very clear, ‘empathic’ teaching, mixing theory and practice almost invisibly (Career Progression to Counsellor)

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