Counselling Skills

  • Are you interested in working on your Personal Development, so that you can better understand yourself and others?
  • Are you interested in learning how to actively listen to the people that are important to you?
  • Have you been referred here by your workplace – to learn the skills that counsellors use so that you can enhance your primary role of support worker, carer, befriender, etc?
  • Do you want to train to become a fully  qualified Counsellor?  Perhaps you’ve been referred to me by The Norwich Centre, to complete the compulsory Introduction to Counselling Skills course. 
  • Would you like to learn how to communicate with a family member who has been diagnosed with dementia?

Introduction to Counselling Skills – 25 hrs (How to Listen)

This introductory course teaches you how to be with someone in a way that meets the Six Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality Change.  You will learn how to provide someone with an environment of genuine non-judgmental understanding, so that they can find their own solutions.  Read more

Introduction to Person Centred Theory – 20 hrs (How to be congruent)

The Introduction to Person Centred Theory course (20 hrs) will explore Carl Rogers’ Theory of Personality.  We will break Personality into two parts – the part we are born with and the part that is constructed over time, in response to the messages given to us by our significant others (parents, carers, peers, etc).    Using different exercises, we will explore Rogers’ concepts, including:   Read more

Counselling Skills for Non-Counsellors – One day (1000-1600)

You will explore how you can provide someone with an environment of genuine non-judgmental understanding, so that they are more likely to become fully functioning (psychologically healthy).  The counselling skills you will learn about on this workshop will greatly enhance your primary role, which is that of therapist, support worker, mentor, coach, etc (non-counsellor).  Read more

Listening to people with Dementia (1 day)

Person-Centred Counselling Skills is widely recognised in research as being the most effective approach to use when communicating with people who have dementia.  Dementia robs people of their ability to reason with the world around them; it also strips them of their most recent memories.  What goes last is their emotions and it is this part that really needs to be heard.  Adjusting to this can be difficult for relatives and it’s hard for them to maintain a meaningful relationship.  Using Counselling Skills can transform what can feel like a frustrating situation into one that is alive with character, meaning, emotion and connection.

This workshop will run in 2020.  If you would like to be added to mailing list, please complete the information and click the ‘Update Me’ button in the right column.

Why study Person Centred Counselling Skills & Theory with me?

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