For Mums, Dads and Carers who want to improve relationships at home.   You matter.  It’s time you were back in the driving seat.  With practical, pragmatic coaching sessions and workshops, I can help you take the fight out of the family so you can bring respectful and fulfilling relationships back in.  There are single, dual, multi and blended family approaches – check here for some reviews. 

Not sure what to do when the door slams or someone won’t go to bed?  Are you struggling with teenagers?  Perplexed by your toddlers?  Ground down despite all your efforts?  It doesn’t have to be like this.  I know what it’s like to get it wrong and watch important relationships suffer.  It’s time to stop trying to be the ‘perfect parent’ and start being an authentic leader. 

I can help you re-frame your thinking and instantly ease the pressure.  I’ll quickly show you how to work WITH your children, rather than against  them.   Disciplining and influencing them IN a relationship is much, much easier – and it gets better results. 

My approach to Parenting is Authoritative* and Relational.   It avoids using punishments and rewards because the focus is on building considerate and respectful relationships.  The emphasis is on shaping behaviour rather than correcting it, although unaccepatable behaviour is always addressed, through discipline (teaching, guiding… shaping).  See my TEDx talk, The Dark Side of Behaviour Charts, for an 11 minute exploration. 

*To date, no study has conclusively disproved the benefits of authoritative parenting, while many others have consistently shown its advantages.

Call me for a free exploratory call (30 mins).

As a dad, I used to hit the conflict zone so quickly with my toddler, going down the punishment/reward route too quickly. I learnt how to respect her views and listen, without losing parental control. Now we collaborate. It’s so empowering for us both. Andrea’s a total legend.

Andrea is supportive, with razor sharp insights. I saw some lovely results with my child and in other family relationships too.

Young People

For young people who want to be heard, listened to, validated and understood.   You know you want things to be different, but right now it feels complicated.  Try me, I want to help you figure it all out.

Life’s stressful because everyone seems to want something from you.  You’re struggling to keep up and you may have lost sight of what YOU want. 

You’re not sleeping, which means you’re tired all the time.  Sometimes it’s just easier to avoid it all but that gets stressful too.  You know they mean well, but they’re not getting you. You hate it when people judge you, without understanding you first.   It’s not fair.

I can help you get some more respect.  I will hear you out, listen carefully and help you think about what you can do to make your life and relationships easier and happier.  Tell me how you want your relationships to be and we can go from there.

Call me for a free exploratory call (30 mins).

It makes such a difference to have someone who just listens to me.

I feel less stressed and braver.

Your advice was really helped.  I feel more motivated.

I wish my parents would do this too!


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