Group Facilitation Skills

Why is Group Facilitation important?

To create an environment where individuals feel able to contribute ideas; where they feel safe enough to take risks; where space is shared equally (rather than dominated by the few), requires the skills of a good facilitator. The facilitator ‘holds’ a group, encouraging movement and energy so that participants feel free to speak, listen, support and challenge. The facilitator will use skills that allow the group to be self-directing and self-managing; and this will encourage feelings of empowerment and ownership amongst participants. It can motivate individuals and encourage better team working, outside of the group.

Teaching and Learning Methods

The group will ‘learn by experience’. We will use ‘our’ group to understand how other groups work. There will be some tutor led presentation, a lot of self reflection, learning from listening and responding to others’ experience; and also giving and receiving of feedback. Detailed handouts will be given and there will be a discussion around some of the ‘theories’ relating to groups.  The aim of this workshop is to develop the core skills needed to successfully facilitate groups. These skills will embody an attitude of wanting to understand and accept others, whilst remaining authentic in the role as facilitator. We will use a method of enquiry that is based on an appreciation of what is, and what could be. There will be four elements which will:

  • Identify the skills we already have
  • Discover our potential
  • Develop the skills we need to achieve that potential; and
  • Decide what steps need to be in place in order to successfully facilitate our groups in the future

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Understand better, groups and how individuals in groups work
  • Explore strategies for handling difficult situations
  • Develop skills which will enable them to facilitate successful groups
  • Increase their self and social awareness, which will transform the way they work with groups

This workshop is ideal for anyone working with groups.  This would include those in teaching, training and supporting roles.  It is also useful for those organisations who want to run Action Learning Groups; or who want to run Facilitated Groups in between waiting times for 1:1 coaching, counselling or mentoring.  Facilitated Groups are also a valuable addition to formal supervision for front-line workers.

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