Relationship & Mindset

You measure a good relationship by knowing that the respect you have for your child, partner, boss or colleague is higher than your own ego.  It’s when your understanding and acceptance of each other is greater than your conflicts; and it’s when you feel free to be different people, living and working together for a value that you both share.

This doesn’t come easily.  It requires a robust mindset, motivation, emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills and problem solving/conflict resolution strategies.  Irrespective of where you are in status and power, it needs you to lead yourself in a way that others will want to follow you.  After all, we all prefer people wanting to be with us, rather than having to.

At home, work or school, I’ll help you turn relationships around – often by working from the inside out.   Through a combination of coaching, mentoring and training, I can support you to explore what it is you want to change and help you find the ‘how’ to do that.   

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What I do

I am a skilled and experienced listener.  I will actively listen to you; acknowledge and encourage you to gain a deeper sense of what it is you are trying to say. I will draw together threads and patterns which emerge; giving you a different view of your experience, a different perspective for you to explore. I will respectfully challenge what I hear; if it strikes me as being relevant and in response to what you are saying. I will offer you the knowledge/skills I have learnt, if I think it will help you. You can choose whether or not to take it.  The value of my listening is so that you can hear yourself talk.  The value of my talking is to share the knowledge I have, that may be helpful to you.

Through hearing yourself talk, you will be able to see yourself more clearly.  This self awareness will help you to explore your attitudes to relationships, the default behaviours you adopt to manage relationships and maybe the defensive behaviours that, although important at some time in your life, may be harming your relationships today.  This personal development work will help move your attention from the past and into the present, so that you can make better choices for yourself and the people around you.  When you are ready, you will look at how you represent yourself in your own life.  What is working well already?  How can you make more of that?  What are the problems?  What’s getting in the way of you finding the solution?  Are there some negative emotions you need to manage?  Do you need to be more assertive, or would it be better if you stood back a little to give the other person more room?  Can you find other ways to express yourself more clearly, so that you are heard?  Do you need to become a better listener?  How can you resolve conflicts? 

We will be in a safe, confidential space where we’ll bring an attitude of curiousity.  How can you be authentically you AND live in the world, doing what you want do? 

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