We often parent our children in the way we have been parented.  Although this may feel familiar, it might not feel ‘right’ and it may not be working for one or more of your children.  Join me to discover one approach that feels good for you and good for each your children, even if they are completely different.

Judgement free

This approach is not about changing you or the values that you bring to your parenting.  In fact, it’s about upholding what you believe is right and wrong and finding YOUR WAY to communicate with your children so that they can make better choices for themselves.

The Person Centred Approach focusses on strenthening relationships.  Once you have the knowhow, the skills and attitudes you bring to all your relationships will remain the same for the rest of your life (no need to keep learning new techniques and strategies)!

So whether your child is a toddler or a teenager, or somewhere in between, this approach will be relevent and reliable.

If you need some more reasons, then have a look here; and some of our parent/carers have been kind enough to submit independent reviews

This approach is the best present you could ever buy for your children.

Parenting Class in Norwich

Photo by Caroline Hernandez

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