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This PET Parenting Class is the best present you could ever buy for your children. I feel confident that it will keep on giving and never devalue. By taking this course I have profoundly changed the way I parent and I cannot recommend it enough. (LW, Hoveton)

I am more confident in my parenting skills and I have started to express my needs.  I don’t raise my voice anymore.  I pause and put myself in my daughter’s shoes. She is more calm and she’s less angry.  (AC, Norwich)

Parenting Class in Norwich

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Because the focus is on meeting needs, it really makes sense.  I will be using this approach with my child and in all other areas of my life.  My Active Listening is improving and Method III is helping us sort out any conflicts.  (SA, Postwick)

Amazing!  Helpful and insightful.  I feel like there are answers to so many problems I was stuck on.  The course was so supportive and inclusive.  Very honest and clear support, with excellent teaching.  I need lots more practice with my I messages – it can be hard to get the right words.  I am actively engaged in the process because there have been very positive results.  I’m going to use your Parenting Clinics to keep me motivated.  (LM, Norwich)

Parenting Class in Norwich

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The biggest thing I will take from the course is that my child is not naughty.  He doesn’t need punishing or controlling – he needs empathy and understanding.   The course has given me a deeper understanding of why my child behaves in certain ways.  I hope the reduction in anger I now feel will help me deal with confrontation more effectively. (ST, Norwich)

I have learnt so much, not just about being a parent, but about who I am as a person too.  I am aware I need to work more on I messages by doing a bit of work on myself (self care, self development) so that I can become more assertive and aware of my own needs. I found Active Listening and MIII conflict resolution to be really effective and my children have responded positively to both.  The children seem more willing to talk about their feelings and to listen to me more about how I’m feeling.  My husband is willing to take on board the skills I’ve learnt too.  Andrea’s way of teaching is very effective.  She is clearly passionate about the skills; is very clear, open and honest; and is very accepting of us as indivdiuals.  (SB, Norwich)

Parenting Class in Norwich

Photo by Shari Sirotnak

I have learnt and tried out a lot of different words and put things into practice.  This is a great course and I have felt it will benefit me in the long run.  I am using MIII and I messages more now and I’m attempting Active Listening, but that is quite new to me.  (JP, Norwich)

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