Parenting Support in Schools

Offering parenting support in your school will increase the academic and social success in your children.  By hosting Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) or a set of Knowhow2 Parenting Workshops, you will be supporting the work of your pastoral team and your parents by helping them to improve the emotional health and wellbeing of your children.

Parenting Workshops help Parents to be confident and resourceful

  • Parents will be equipped with the principles and knowledge that will cause stress levels to decrease.  Home life will become calmer and happier.
  • Parents will know how to use the full set of comunication and conflict-resolution skills.  They will be able to respond to problems rather than react to them.
  • Parents will feel more confident and in control.  Better communication will also benefit their home and work relationships.
  • Parents wellbeing will increase, which will have direct benefits for their children.

Who can attend

It is open to any working parent/carer with verbal children aged up to 18.  This includes children with special needs.  If you would like to extend the invitation to partners and/or clients, that would work too.

Better Skills in parents, directly benefit their children

  • Active Listening supports a child at times of stress, friendship issues, mood swings and managing change.  It encourages the child to find their own solution and develops them to become an independent problem solver. Students will be more settled and better focused in class and exams.  This will improve behaviour and attainment.
  • Parents/carers will learn how to talk to their child using I-messages.  This will enable a closer and mutually respectful relationship between them both.   Parents will model this communication skill and children will learn how to build better relationships with their peers.  The child will feel more confident about trying new things, more self-assured and able to contribute to the school community.  This will increase their self-esteem.
  • Parents/carers will learn how to support problem solving in all areas of their child’s school/social life.  This will include dealing with conflict, rule setting and self-direction.   Students will come to school prepared and ready to learn. Creative problem solving skills will teach the child to find their voice (and their potential).  This will encourage participation and they will feel braver about contributing towards team activities.
  • Colliding values are inevitable between parent and child.  We will teach parents/carers how to be ‘hired as consultant’ to their children, using influence rather than imposing their will on the child.   Students will be more self assured and less likely to engage in risky behaviours, bullying, and truancy.


There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Our work with your parents will be judgment free and we respect the values that they bring to their parenting. Past parent/carers have said that these courses and workshops are life-changing, but there is no magic to it. It’s like learning how to ride a bike, it takes time and practice. We work with parents of verbal children, of all ages.


The PET course is licensed and accredited by Gordon Training International and carries a Certificate.

The KnowHow2 Workshops are designed by Stronger Relationships; and carry a Certificate of Completion.

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