Active Listening Skills (1 day)


This workshop can be run in one day, or split into 3 x 2 hour sessions

This workshop will teach you how to be with someone in a way that is helpful to them but without losing yourself.  You will learn how to provide someone with an environment of genuine non-judgmental understanding, so that they can find their own solutions.  To unconditionally accept someone in this way, you – as the listener – will first need to listen, understand and accept yourself.  Using research from the Person Centred Approach, as developed by Carl Rogers, one of the most influential humanistic psychologists of the 20th century, we will:

  • Look at how people grow and develop (Personality Theory)
  • Explore what we think ‘helps’ people
  • Develop our ability to relate with empathy and respect
  • Recognise what helps and hinders our ability to listen
  • Practise different ways of responding using Active Listening Skills
  • Become aware of our personal and professional boundaries and exercising care for ourselves
  • Develop our own authentic styles of listening and responding



This workshop is availabe online or in person (when social distancing allows).

If we are online, we will use my licensed Zoom account.  The commissioning agent will be responsible for registering participants and will admit them into the meeting.

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