Counselling Skills (1 day)



This workshop will introduce you to the Person Centred Approach, as developed by Carl Rogers, one of the most influential humanistic psychologists of the 20th century.  You will learn how to provide someone with an environment of genuine non-judgmental understanding, so that they are free to grow, develop, adapt, problem-solve, self-direct and learn from their own experience.

The Person Centred Approach can be found in the support/voluntary sector, in mental health, social care, wellbeing, parenting and in education.  It is also the primary approach recommended for those who support people with dementia.   This workshop is aimed at those who want to enhance their primary roles by using the interpersonal skills that reflect the values of Counselling.  This would include people working in social/health care settings, education, the mental health and wellbeing sector, voluntary sectors, human resources professionals and parents/carers.


You will explore how you can provide someone with an environment of genuine non-judgmental understanding, so that they are more likely to become fully functioning (psychologically healthy).  The Counselling Skills you will learn about on this workshop will greatly enhance your primary role, which will be anything that is not a counsellor.

Together, we will explore how we can support and empower the people we work with by:

  • Looking at how people grow and develop (Personality Theory)
  • Exploring what we think ‘helps’ people
  • Developing our ability to relate with empathy and respect
  • Recognising what helps and hinders our ability to listen
  • Practising different ways of responding using Active Listening Skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback on how we are perceived by others, so that we can develop our skills
  • Becoming aware of our personal and professional boundaries and exercising care for ourselves
  • Developing our own authentic styles of listening and responding

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