Emotional Intelligence (1 day)


Having emotional intelligence (EI) means that you are aware of and can manage what is going on inside you, whilst appropriately using what is going on in/between other people. High EI is linked to increased productivity, proactivity, innovation and resilience to change. People are better at motivating themselves and others and create stronger interpersonal relationships. This series of 2 workshops will allow you to explore your Personal Competences and your Social Competences within the context of working on your own; and working with others.

Part 1, Personal Competences

Through a series of practical activities and small group discussions, participants will be able to increase their self-awareness by exploring different personality types; explore how they can best manage their emotions, so that they can be used appropriately; and discover some methods to maintain self-motivation, even when the going gets tough.

Part 2, Social Competences

With an increased understanding of your personal competence, this workshop will allow you to explore your social awareness and social skills so that you find your own authentic style of communicating. Participants will be able hone their social skills by working with empathy and using new active listening skills and through using assertive and empowering communication.



I will facilitate the group to ensure it is safe and supportive; and whilst the course participants will be expected to listen respectfully, they will also be encouraged to actively participate. As we explore what Emotional Intelligence looks like in practice, we will discover some ways that each of us can take away and apply to work immediately.

At the end of these workshops, you will:

  • Realise the link between your feelings and how they affect what you think, do and say
  • Know how to manage impulsive feelings and distressing emotions well
  • (Re)explore your vision and values and use them to guide your decision making and clarify your choices
  • Be attentive to emotional cues and learn how to listen well
  • Increase your skills in persuasion and assertion to ensure relationships are mutually beneficial

Lots of focussed, useful thinking that can be transferred to useful, practical ways to self manage.   Very engaging, very personal course delivery!

Good pace, very thought provoking – a good mix of theory, self assessment and discussion.

The handouts were good, for referring back to later

The practical exercise that helped me most was the writing out the emotional experience; and separating out the facts from the emotions.  That has shifted a huge block and I will use that from now on for any difficult situation.

I like that it built my confidence, as I placed myself in a framework and worked out why it could be positive.

Approaching emotions can feel uncomfortably initially, but I felt safe very quickly.

I think this is an important course.

It was useful having the time to reflect on myself in what really feels like a warm and supportive environment.  The pace and volume of work has been just perfect, which is rare for me!

It helped me identify empathy, both personally and in other people

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