Group Parent Coaching


This is an opportunity for groups of friends, who are parents, to come together for Group Coaching.

I found that my level of informal support dropped, as my children got older.  Once they were at Secondary School, it was almost non-existant.  As we work more and playground/park meets drop off, there is less opportunity to unload, check out parenting styles, strategies, etc, etc.  I really felt this, particularly as the challenge of parenting can sometimes become higher as we navigate the teenage years.

This may be useful for parents who are struggling with similar issues:  toddlers, transition to high school, blended families, children who are on the Spectrum, etc.  I’d love to see a group of Dads coming together!  Whoever you are, go find your tribe.

You can arrange the group how you would like, but I suggest a maximum of 6 people coming together for 2 hours a month.  Alongside facilitating the group process, I will bring bring in any knowledge, skills, strategies that feel relevant to your group.  I may also bring in specialists and experts who could have something very important to offer you.

Think of this like you would a ‘Book Club’, where you love all the characters but they can sometimes drive you a bit crazy!

If you’re interested in setting this up with your friends, call me.



This is a person centred approach to parenting, where you focus on your relationship.  Person centred relationships are evidenced as being the main drive behind psychologically healthy personality change.  Being person centred means that empathy (a desire to understand from the other person’s perspective), unconditional positive regard (accepting the person, with ‘no strings attached’) and congruence (you’re transparently real) is at the heart of all your communication.   If you provide person centred parenting in your home, everyone’s behaviour will transform and relationships will become mutually respectful and cooperative.
Parenting Class in Norwich

Photo by Carlo Navarro

The parenting approach is Relational (based on Person Centred Theory) and ensures the needs of everyone are met (Parent and Child). It is neither permissive nor authoritarian. It is authoritative; and gives parents the skills to discipline their children, so that children and young people can be themselves AND be considerate of others. Establish this parenting approach early on, to avoid problems from happening in the first place; or bring this approach in to repair relationships that have been damaged in the past.

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