Imposter Syndrome (1 day)


Dump the doubt!

10.00-16.00 (Max 20 people, 12 people online)

This workshop will cover the Myths, the Realities and the Research.  We’ll look at how Imposterism feels, who experiences it and whether it can be useful.   We’ll look at how Personality affects our predisposition towards Imposterism and we’ll explore the difference between Identity and Competence. We will then look at strategies for coping with Imposterism, so that we can realign our beliefs, work with our brains (rather than against them) and find ways to achieve our potential.

In the afternoon, we will have an interactive, confidential and well supported workshop where we will take the time to explore strategies and find practical steps that will help us achieve our potential.  The following frameworks will guide our discussion/exercises:  Person Centred Theory on Personality and Change, Emotional Intelligence, Meta cognition (Mindset, Resilience), Self Regulation (Neuroscience, NLP), Identity-level issues (conditioning, belief/self beliefs, values, goals) and Communication/Relationship Skills.

Huge thanks to the fabulous Andrea of @strongerrelatio for leading this for us! ‘Sold out’ in less than 48h so we may repeat in future.

Gill Malin, ResNet, University of East Anglia


This workshop can be run in person or online


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