Counselling Skills (25 hrs)


Thursday mornings: 0945-1300 (ONLINE)

  • April 28; May 5, 12, 19; June 9, 16, 23, 30 (ICS220428)

If you would like to commission a one-day introductory workshop for your staff, please click this link Counselling Skills.


The Introduction to Counselling Skills course (25 hrs) teaches you how to be with someone in a way that meets the Six Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality Change as introduced by Carl Rogers, one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century.

You will learn how to provide your son, daughter, parent, friend, work colleague or client with an environment of genuine non-judgmental understanding, so that they can tell you what it’s like to be them, in their world.  The value of your listening is that this person can hear themselves talk.  By talking to someone who prioritises us in their listening, we can begin to identify our story and our feelings, we accept our part in that story and we talk about how we might move forward, into a place where we be ourselves AND live in our story.

To unconditionally accept someone in this way, you – as the listener – will first need to listen, understand and accept yourself.  This is why the first half of the course will focus on your personal development and how this fits in with Rogers’ Personality Theory.

Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Approach is regarded as being one of the most influential in humanistic psychology.  It is an approach that uses ‘relationship’ as the means to change, grow and develop.

The Person Centred Approach can be found in the support/voluntary sector, in mental health, caring, parenting and in education.  It is also is the primary approach recommended for those who have dementia.  Past students have included teachers, social workers, wellbeing therapists, parents, health workers, HR, artists, musicians and those from the voluntary sector.

Counselling Skills

Counselling Skills

The course will include teaching and demonstration, group discussion, guided experiential listening exercises, learning from listening to and observing others, peer and tutor feedback and some time focussing on your Personal Development.  You need to spend up to 2 hours a week in private study, which will include reflection, writing your learning journal and reading.

Due to the personal development work involved, this course may not be suitable for those who are emotionally stretched at the moment.  Please contact me if you’re concerned about whether you can meet the emotional demands of this course.

Progression: This 25 hour course is approved by The Norwich Centre as compulsory for those wanting to apply for the Part time Certificate in Counselling Skills.   After completing the Certificate, students can progress on to the Part Time Diploma in Counselling.

Past students said …

I will definitely be using (and have already started to use) counselling skills at work.  I am now able to provide better emotional support by listening, instead of constantly offering advice.  I have also developed in my own confidence and this has impacted across all area of my life.

I feel that the course has taken my self awareness and personal development to another level.

I feel totally liberated in my thinking.  It is already having a direct impact both personally and in my professional role. I am really grateful for the experience and the personal development and growth.

I enjoyed the way the tutor made the learning personal and relevant.  It was great to be part of a group of people that were so open and real.

Medical Students (Y4), UEA…

Helped me realise/reinforce that giving advice is not the only point of the consultation. The patient’s experience of being heard is as important, if not more so. Also with a medical bent lots of work has been done on how this fosters a good relationship and thus increases compliance.

Person centred listening and positive regard provide a good background for treating the patient as a human rather than a disease.

It teaches the value of listening. How to be aware of ourselves and how to be more mindful of what we do and say.


I’ve learnt that I don’t have to provide a solution for everybody’s problem

I came for tips and tools to help future clients. I have these and also go away with tools to help myself.

Very clear, ‘empathic’ teaching, helping students explore issues, mixing theory and practice almost invisibly

Andrea taught ‘active listening skills’ in an interactive and non-threatening way and all of us came away from the session with real tools to use in our relationships with clients.

If you are time-poor, you may want to consider the One Day Counselling Skills workshop

To book: Please ‘Add to Cart’, ‘View Cart’, ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and complete the information.  Please indicate the course you’d like to book, by giving me the course code (ICSxxxxx).  I will invoice you and your place will be confirmed when payment has been made by bank transfer.  If you would like to pay by instalments, please indicate the payments you can manage; and ensure that the final payment is made the day before the last day of the course.  

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