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KnowHow in 2 hours

Know: Understand why problems start and how they are related to you and your children meeting your needs.  Reflect on and strengthen your boundaries (what behaviour is OK and not OK for you).  See the impact of power and control (on you and the child) and learn how to change behaviour through consideration, whilst keeping your relationship healthy, functional and mutually satisfying.

How: Clean up your communication by removing labels, blame, judgement, interpretation.  Learn how to talk-straight so that you represent yourself fully AND your child hears you and buys-in to your message.  Use this to confront behaviour that’s not OK with you, or to communicate meaningful praise that you really want your child to hear.


2 hours of Know How

This is a person centred approach to parenting.  Being person centred means that empathy (a desire to understand from the person’s perspective), unconditional positive regard (accepting the person, with ‘no strings attached’) and congruence (you’re transparently real) is at the heart of all your communication.   If you provide this in your home, your relationships will repair, strengthen and sustain you throughout your life course.  Person centred relationships are evidenced as being the main drive behind psychologically healthy personality change.
This approach works with people of all ages, although the workshop focusess on the context of parent/child relationships.   This course is not about changing you or the values that you bring to your parenting.  It is about upholding what you believe is right and wrong and finding YOUR WAY to communicate with your children so that they can make better choices for themselves.
This workshop is for parents/carers of all verbal children. It is also for anyone working in a helping or supporting role for famlies.  This course can count towards 2 hours of your CPD.
To book: Please ‘Add to Cart’, ‘View Cart’, ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and complete the information.  I will invoice you and your place will be confirmed when payment has been made bank transfer.

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