PET (24 hrs)


This Parent Effectiveness Training course is supplied upon demand.  The minimum number is 5 people.

Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) is a licensed programme from Gordon Training International.  Carried out over 8x3hr sessions, I will take you through Thomas Gordon’s Behaviour Window ™, which includes a full set of communication and conflict-resolution skills and all the principles that underpin the PET approach.

PET follows a person centred approach to parenting, which focusses on strengthening the relationship between parent/child, so that it can grow/adjust as the child moves towards independence.

For individuals and organisations:



How to book

Your PET sessions will be guaranteed (subject to our terms and conditions) on receipt of your payment.  By clicking ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘View Cart’ you will be taken to a page asking you to check your order and ‘Proceed to Checkout’.  This will take you to a page asking for your name and contact details.  Please complete this, confirm your agreement to our Terms and Conditions and then click ‘Place your Order’.   Your information will automatically be forwarded to Andrea Rippon, who will send an invoice to your email address.

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