Parenting Webinar

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In this one hour webinar, Andrea explores the challenges and opportunities facing parents today.  Some people are surviving, whilst others are thriving.  You can do both.  For stronger relationships, here are 4 areas to focus on:

  1. Be You.  Know yourself, your preferences, your needs, your values, the way you think and the way you work.  This will help you decide when to step forward in your parenting and when to step back.
  2. Listen Well.  Help your children solve their problems by listening them into voice.  Use empathy to connect, so you can listen to them without losing yourself.  Understand how Active Listening works.
  3. Be Heard.  Avoid arguments by using ‘clean’ communication to make yourself heard.  Avoid power struggles with respectful communication.  Discipline children so they change their behaviour out of consideration, rather than compliance.  Considerate behaviour lasts longer!
  4. Connect through Conflict.   Once we know what we need, we spend less time arguing about what we want.  Kids are competent problem solvers – use conflict resolution strategies to connect and be different people, together.

This webinar will be relevant for parenting verbal children of all ages.  The skills remain the same from toddlers to teenagers and beyond.


Available online, using my licensed Zoom account.  This webinar will last 40 minutes, with 20 minutes for questions.  I will require the commissioning client to manage registrations prior to the webinar beginning.  During the webinar, the commissioning client will facilitate the Chat, choosing the questions that feel most relevant.

Parenting Class in Norwich

Photo by Sebastian Leon Prado


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