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COVID 19 – SPECIAL OFFER!    A set of 5 workshops, for the price of 4.  The discount will be applied on the invoice.

Accessible, affordable and available for all parents/carers of verbal children of any age.  Prevent problems from happening in the first place – repair relationships if they need it.

Wednesday evenings (18.30-20.30)

  • 22, 29 April; 6, 13, 20 May
  • 10, 17, 24 June; 1, 8  July

These workshops will run online, using Zoom.  This is a fully encrypted (confidential) software package, which is free for you to use.   You will be able to see and hear everyone in the group, so there will be time for interactive exercises and supportive discussion.  There will be small and large group work (using the Breakout Rooms feature) and Tutor Presentation (I will be able to share materials with you online).  If you’ve got any queries, please call me to talk them through.

This is a set of 5 x 2 hour workshops where you will get the KnowHow to transform behaviour and build stronger relationships for a happier family.     To get the full benefit, it is best to do all 5 workshops in the correct order.  If this is difficult for you, you can choose to do them as your time allows.  Priority for places on the workshops will be given to those who book all 5 workshops together.


  1. BE YOU: Understand yourself, find your ‘style’ of parenting, bust some Parenting Myths, understand Needs and Values – yours and your family, find 5 values you want to bring into your parenting.
  2. HAVE A RESOURCEFUL, HEALTHY MINDSET: Cultivate a growth mind-set, develop focussed attention, be a resilient parent, know when to challenge and/or support your children, recognise that ‘surviving is thriving’.
  3. LISTEN WELL: Understand others, manage meltdowns and/or withdrawal, promote self-regulation, refine Active Listening Skills (how to offer ‘as if’ empathy, accept your child as they are, whilst being authentically you), avoid the pitfalls of dysfunctional relating, mediation skills for family arguments.*
  4. BE HEARD – USE ‘CLEAN’ LANGUAGE: Understand what’s happening with your child’s behaviour (responding is better than reacting), develop a discipline philosophy, address behaviour, give healthy praise.*
  5. INFLUENCE GOOD CHOICES: Move from being concerned to influencing, support your child to make better choices, let your child be different to you, change with your child, live the values you want to see in your child.



  • WORKING WITH YOUR CHILD’S BRAIN: Listen to regulate and integrate your child’s brain, support your child to develop mindsight, use memory to manage and name difficult emotions, how to move from emotional distress to problem solving. *This can only be taken if you have attended the LISTEN WELL workshop.
  • UNITING THE FAMILY: Keep your cool – Anger Management, avoid power struggles, make boundaries that everyone respects, resolve arguments so that everyone is OK. *This can only be taken if you have attended the BE HEARD – USE ‘CLEAN’ LANGUAGE workshop.


2 hours of Know How

This is a person centred approach to parenting, where you focus on your relationship.  Person centred relationships are evidenced as being the main drive behind psychologically healthy personality change.  Being person centred means that empathy (a desire to understand from the other person’s perspective), unconditional positive regard (accepting the person, with ‘no strings attached’) and congruence (you’re transparently real) is at the heart of all your communication.   If you provide person centred parenting in your home, everyone’s behaviour will transform and relationships will become mutually respectful and cooperative.
The parenting approach is Relational and ensures the needs of everyone are met (Parent and Child). It is neither permissive nor authoritarian. Instead, it gives parents the skills to discipline (ie. teach, not punish) their children, so that children and young people can be themselves AND be considerate of others. This is for all parents/carers – establish this parenting approach early on, to avoid problems from happening in the first place; or bring this approach in to repair relationships that have been damaged in the past.
These workshops are for parents/carers of all verbal children of any age. It is also for anyone working in a helping or supporting role for famlies.  They can also count towards your CPD.
To book: Please indicate how many workshops you want (single ones or the full set of 5), click ‘Add to Cart’, ‘View Cart’, ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and complete the information.  In the notes section – please indicate which workshops you are booking and on what dates.  If the minimum number of 5 people for each workshop is not met, you will be moved to the next available workshop.  I will invoice you and your place will be confirmed when payment has been made by bank transfer. 

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