Personal Dev Groups

Personal Development Groups are safe places where you can reflect on who you are, what you do and why you do it, in the company of others.  It’s a time to take stock – to appreciate what you have; and check to see if anything is missing.  Personal Development Groups are facilitated to create a space that feels safe, where experiences can be shared and heard; and where learning rich.  Self and social awareness increase as we support and challenge one another, with empathy and respect.

There may be a theme to the day, so structure can be there, but it will be light.  Themes can be anything you want, eg. authenticity, choices, loss, isolation, time, identity.

If you are interested in running a Personal Development Group which you would like me to facilitate, please contact me.




A Personal Development Group, using Art (Ditchingham: Norfolk)

Why be part of a Personal Development Group?

You can explore:

  • what’s behind the area you want to examine.
  • how we might judge ourselves and each other.
  • what we might not understand about ourselves and each other.
  • your sensory perspective and consider how you might use these important messages.
  • beyond intellect, reconnecting with your body’s wisdom.


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