Supporting Parents in the Work Place

Support parents as part of your Wellbeing Agenda

Working parents face a tremendous challenge in balancing their work and home life, particularly while their children are young. Achieving and maintaining this balance is an essential part of their wellbeing.  By hosting Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) or a set of Knowhow2 Parenting Workshops in their workplace, you will be directly contributing towards the things they value most.

A parenting course can help parents to be confident and resourceful at home and at work

By providing them with a parenting course in the convenience of the workplace – you will be ensuring that your working parents get the support they need, so they can focus on work and stay in work.

This is a valuable and innovative way to contribute towards your staff’s wellbeing; whilst improving your organisations employee retention and productivity.

An added bonus is that the communication skills taught in these workshops will be relevent and transferable to work. This may be the way to attract hard-to-reach staff towards ‘soft skills’ training.

Who can attend

It is open to any working parent/carer with verbal children aged up to 18.  This includes children with special needs.  If you would like to extend the invitation to partners and/or clients, that would work too.


There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Our work with your parents will be judgment free and we respect the values that they bring to their parenting. We work with parents of verbal children, of all ages.


The PET course is licensed and accredited by Gordon Training International and carries a Certificate.

The KnowHow2 Workshops are designed by Stronger Relationships; and carry a Certificate of Completion.

Use this text to advertise the course

Like organisations, problems arise in families because communication breaks down. Confusion and anger in your children may be followed by shouting, nagging, giving in or giving up, in you. This communication breeds resentment, rarely achieves the desired result and comes at great cost to the relationship. No-one wins. If you were in this situation at work, you’d probably seek advice.   Join us to learn how to lead your children and use evidence-based skills to develop empathy, confidence, resilience and respect in you AND your children. We’ll tell you how to handle every problem so that you can all get win/win outcomes. Your family can be different people, together.  The course will:

  • Equip you with the principles so that stress levels decrease and home life becomes calmer and happier.
  • Give you knowledge and the time to practice comunication and conflict-resolution skills, so you can respond to problems in the home rather than react to them.
  • Help you feel more confident and in control by increasing authentic communication skills (which may also benefit you with relationships in the workplace).
  • Increase your wellbeing at work and at home.


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