Practical Parenting Skills provides evidence based, supportive education and coaching programmes to help families thrive.  Our parents invest their time and energy in us because they want to get the best from themselves and their children.  They identify and build on their strengths; and they find their own voice, which is often different to that of their own parents.  They keep their children safe by using power appropriately and they have strategies for preventing problems from happening in the first place.  They guide and influence their children to be themselves and live in the world.  Our parents ask for their needs to be met in the parent/child relationship because respectful relating is a two-way street.   They are skilful listeners and communicators, who raise children to become resilient problem solvers.  Our parents create happier, calmer family environments.  They create and sustain strong, long-term relationships with their children, from toddler to teenager and beyond.

Confident, adaptable, resourceful Parenting

It’s as important to know what you do well as a parent; as it is to discover ways you can do better.  We respect the values that you bring to your families and we build on them. There is no such thing as a Perfect Parent but there are Parents who are confident, adaptable and resourceful. The Parenting approach we use is not authoritarian or submissive. It is assertive, respectful and kind.

Parenting Class in Norwich

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Strong, long-term relationships with your children, from toddlers to teenagers

Our Open Progamme / Parent Hosted Parenting class will teach you how to communicate with your children so that they change their behaviour out of consideration for you. Licensed as Parenting Effectiveness Training (PET), this course will help you:
  • Use empathy and respect to strengthen your relationship.
  • Be the strong, guiding voice that influences rather than controls.
  • Encourage self awareness and self regulation through active listening.
  • Introduce methods to resolve conflicts so that everyone gets what they need.
  • Adapt your skills so your children will take you with them, as they grow.
Parenting Class in Norwich

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We offer these programmes to parents through Open Access Programmes; and also through Schools and the Workplace.  If you are a parent who would like to see this programme offered by your Workplace or School, please send them this link (and send me the contact name of the person you have sent the link to).

Ongoing Support, as your children’s needs change

Once you have completed a PET programme, you will get ongoing support through our monthly Parenting Clinics. For those who are unable to attend a PET programme, or who require immediate support, Parent Coaching is available on demand.   There are also opportunities to build links with a group of like-minded parents, for friendship and support, if you would like that.

Parenting Class in Norwich

Photo of Andrea Rippon, by Joanna Millington

An experienced Certified Parent Educator (and Mother)

Your group will be facilitated by Andrea Rippon.  She has a long background in designing and delivering Person Centred People Skills courses.  This includes being Course Director of the Counselling Skills programme at the University of East Anglia for over 10 years.  She is a Certified Parent Educator (Gordon Training International, California), a Licensed NLP practitioner and a Qualified Appreciative Inquiry Coach.  She delivers programmes in Leadership Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Group Facilitation and Action Learning.  She does this through her business Who are you now?  Based in Norwich, Andrea has two children (16 and 20) and is a daughter to her elderly parents, one of whom has dementia.  She writes a regular Parenting Column for the Eastern Daily Press, Family Section and has been featured as a Parenting ‘Expert’ on BBC Radio Norfolk.  She loves walking and photographing nature, with her rescue dog, Sam.

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