Andrea Rippon offers individual and group coaching to people who want a successful career and a happy family.   She has over 20 years’ experience helping people build healthy mindsets and emotionally-intelligent relationships at work, home and school.  She is a highly experienced trainer, a qualified Parent and Youth Educator (PET/YET, California), a Mindset Practitioner and an Accredited Member of the Association of Coaching,   Her background is in Education (Person Centred Approach: University of East Anglia); she is a Mum to two children; and has been successfully self-employed since 2000.

She can also be hired for the education/corporate sector.

Smart, funny, direct, deft and caring: Andrea’s approach gets through to all ages and styles – from teenagers to academics; parents to management executives; and teachers to business owners. 

I just love her passion and enthusiasm for what she teaches. 

She always reminds me to let my talents shine.  Her encouragement to put myself out there will stay with me always.

Love her clarity and straightness.  She explains things when I get stuck.

I really appreciate her flexible approach to group requirements.


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