COVID 19 – Stronger Relationships is offering a full service of coaching appointments, courses and workshops using an online (encrypted) software package, which is free for you to use.   This means that you can start (and continue) to work with me in the comfort and safety of your own home.

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I provide Person-Centred, evidence based education and coaching programmes to help people thrive.  Specialising in relationships, I bring clients the know-how to build, repair and maintain their relationships at home, work and school. I also train support workers and future counsellors in Person-Centred Counselling Skills and Theory.

I respect the values that you choose to bring to your relationships; and I provide an environment that is safe and judgement-free, so that you can build on them. Relationships can be hard to sustain, particularly those that are close and important to us. My aim is to move you towards becoming more resourceful, adaptable and confident in your relationships.

The approach I use is Person-Centred (relationship) with an emphasis on psychology (the way humans work) and neuroscience (brain development).   I have an excellent understanding of the Theory of Personality – how people grow and develop – and I know how to provide the optiumum environment which supports constructive personality change.  Person centred relationships are evidenced as being the main drive behind psychologically healthy personality change.

If your relationships are fully functioning, there is a good chance that you will be in an environment that is democratic and collaborative, where problems can be solved creatively and conflicts can be resolved with a win/win outcome. You’ll be an assertive, congruent talker and a skilled empathic listener. You will get respect through offering it to others – leading yourself and them within a mutually satisfying relationship. This makes for happier and more productive people, who have autonomy, purpose and connection.

I also have experience of working in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Mindset, Change Resilience, Appreciative Inquiry and Action Learning; and all of these contribute towards the work I do now with organisations, families and young people. 

I am often commissioned to run Train the Trainer sessions, to share my knowledge of training and facilitating groups.

People who thrive, prioritise their relationships. It’s an investment that brings huge personal and professional reward. Working on improving relationships in one area of your life, will affect the relationships you have in other areas. So if you’ve got relationships that can be improved at home, work or school, please call me.  The benefits to you will extend far beyond what you ever imagined. 

About Andrea Rippon

With an academic background (First Class, honours) in the Person Centred Approach, I am a Certified Parent and Youth Educator (PET/YET, Gordon Training International, California), a Licensed Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (Bandler/Plester, Norwich) and a Qualified Appreciative Inquiry Coach (Coaching Leaders, Manchester).

I have over 20 years experience working with people in higher education, businesses, schools, healthcare and in their homes; and I am an expert in creating a safe environment where people can learn and apply relationship skills at home, work or school.

I have been successfully self employed since 2000, live in Norwich and have two children (16 and 21).  I have written a regular Parenting Column for the Eastern Daily Press, Family Section and have been featured as a Parenting ‘Expert’ on BBC Radio Norfolk.  I love walking and photographing nature with my wobbly rescue dog, Sam.

More about Andrea Rippon

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