A healthy mindset and better relationships
at home, work and school

I’m Andrea, a highly experienced Coach and Mentor.

I want you to be confident, motivated, adaptable and resourceful. I also want you to be in fulfilling relationships, where people respect your individuality and you respect theirs.

Being human is hard; and relationships can be hard too. Doing either of these things well may require changing attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, skills and actions.

It may feel daunting but I can help you with every step. Currently, my youngest client is 11 and my oldest is 86, which means you’re never too young or too old to prioritise yourself and your relationships. I specialise in working with Parents and Professionals.

Andrea’s Approach
Stronger Relationships | Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Work on yourself and choose to build better relationships

The only person you can control is you. By working on yourself, you can find better ways to relate to who and what is important to you.

Changing beliefs and attitudes works by making choices, taking action, accepting responsibility for successes and failures – and then repeating the cycle again. Over time, this increases your knowledge, skills and ultimately self-worth.

The result is an authentic and psychologically healthy way of being you. Take this into your home, work and school; and see how the people around you change as a result.

I can help you get there faster and I will support you to help the important people in your life do the same. I offer online and in-person (Norwich) appointments to individuals, couples, families, and teams.

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Can’t meet face to face?

This is an accessible place to get practical advice and emotional support by email. Ask me something and get a full response, direct to your inbox. Email support is popular for a number of reasons. Many prefer privacy. Some clients tell me they hardly ever have a moment alone. Others are time limited and some live in different time zones.

Ask Andrea is an option that gives you access to support and advice, privately. You’ll book an hour in my calendar and get an email in your inbox at the end of that hour.

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Online Courses

Coming in 2024

I will be launching a range of online courses in 2024 which you can work through in the comfort of your own home. If you would like to know when these courses are available, please sign up to my newsletter and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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Client Reviews

You are important, and I want you to invest in yourself. This means I need to give you what you want in return for your time and money. Hiring a coach is a leap of faith – it’s important to find someone who you feel safe with, and who you ‘click’ with. Here are some reviews that may help you decide whether that someone is me.

  • Richly Nourishing

    Smart, funny, direct, deft and caring: Andrea’s approach gets through to all ages and styles – from teenagers to academics; parents to management executives; and teachers to business owners.

    Tom Oxley, Bamboo Mental Health

  • Seems subtle but has a lot of impact!

    Andrea's facilitation is exceptional. She provides support and challenge in optimum amounts and has an ability to help you explore self/social awareness in an interesting and engaging way.

    Molly P

  • Excellent

    Such a helpful space to figure out how I'm going to tackle some important parenting issues. Thank you.

    Mum 2

  • A journey of personal growth

    Andrea is very experienced: inspiring, friendly, supportive, challenging and demanding. In short – the more you put in the more you will get out for yourself. A big thank you for being such a positive and inspirational guide.

    Kat E

  • Inspirational, challenging and connecting

    Andrea was inspiring and created a safe and comforting environment. It was good to connect with myself through experiencing someone ‘be there’, in the moment, listening.

    Emma D

  • She made a difference to the relationship I have with my children

    Andrea is a voice of reason and calm. She brought me through a tough time; and reminded me of what I believe in, grounding me with accurate 'tough love' calls. I highly recommend her.


  • Highly recommend

    Andrea focuses on the relationship, which we know contains the problem. What she does is guide you back to that same place, because it also contains the solutions.

    Claire O

  • Parenting can be tough - get yourself the best, life-changing support you can

    This has been transformative. We've changed how our family works and I've learnt about the patterns I fall into in other relationships. It's massively empowering to find skills that bring real, positive change very quickly.


  • Andrea creates an atmosphere that is warm, caring and compassionate

    It is a safe and nurturing place, whatever your circumstances and however tough things have got. I found myself looking forward to my weekly sessions and feel very lucky to have met Andrea.


  • Straightening my head out

    I had hit an almighty low. My marriage had collapsed, business relationships were difficult and I was an emotional wreck. I had lost the will for life. Andrea has shown me a new found confidence and the ability to look positively to the future.


  • She is kind, understanding and can't be phased

    She has the ability to make what seemed so complex, understandable and simple to navigate. I thank her from the bottom of my heart and can't recommend her highly enough.


  • Amazing

    Mindset work was very useful. It made me feel that everything can be achieved by just changing my thoughts so what I want can become a reality.

    Reem A

  • Helped me nurture and optimise relationships within the family

    The underlying humanistic approach applies to relationships with all ages from very young children to teenagers and grown up children. I just wish I'd known about it 10 years ago!


  • Andrea has a skilful, relaxed and compassionate approach

    We learnt so much and enjoyed every minute. She provided an invaluable opportunity to bring personal family experiences to use as learning material and discuss practical strategies along the way.


  • Connecting with yourself, others and the world

    A great human experience full of valuable discoveries, impossible to unlearn.

    Manu A

  • Really knowledgeable lady

    Hugely knowledgeable, relaxed and helpful. Thanks Andrea :)

    David U

  • So glad I did this!

    Andrea helped me clarify our family values and now we are more authentic. I've learnt so much and come out of this with a clear, consistent parenting plan. I might not always get it right, but I've learnt that that's okay too.

    Freya H

  • Inspirational

    A good way to become more in tune with who you are, as a person and in relation to others. Andrea is amazing. She has an ability to build confidence and trust very quickly, with a lot of laughs along the way.

    Anna O

  • Self Discovery - being comfortable with ‘me’

    Andrea is wonderful: supportive, challenging, engaging and extremely knowledgeable.

    Ruth H

  • Perfect for improving family life

    Loved this and have found it essential in recent weeks! Practical, sensible, logical and good-humoured. You won't regret investing in Andrea.


  • Andrea creates a safe space to step forward

    I developed my ability to listen to others and set boundaries to protect myself.

    Melanie K

  • Great!

    Knowing more about my mindset has made me more optimistic about the things I can achieve in the future.


  • Clarity about who I am and how I relate to others

    For me, this was about personal development, allowing me to accept people and their situations without having the need to ‘fix’ them.

    Jane C

  • This made me look at things in a whole new way

    Andrea creates a friendly, welcoming place to discuss some hard topics. I came away with very useful and practical strategies on how to deal with different struggles. I can’t recommend enough!


  • Remarkable and effective, I’m already seeing results!

    Andrea is extremely compassionate, practical, congruent, supportive and has razor sharp insights. Even after just a couple of weeks, it has benefited my relationship with my child and other family relationships too.

    Leah L

  • Insightful and interesting

    Andrea is a warm and personable expert, she offers a personable, empathic learning experience.

    Mel R

  • New strategies for communicating with kids

    Andrea is warm, wise and knowledgeable. I came away with new strategies for talking to my children and dealing with issues.


  • The most important thing I learned was that I don’t have all the answers

    Andrea is clear, approachable and knowledgeable. I am very happy to recommend her.


  • Excellent

    Informative and engaging. This has greatly enhanced my skills and confidence. Would highly recommend.


  • A sympathetic approach with professional guidance

    My wife and I found the sessions helpful and constructive. The coaching had a positive impact on the difficulties/tensions within our family, and has created a much happier environment for all.

    Matthew T

  • Life Changing

    At times it was hard, but Andrea has a naturally direct and kind way of guiding you through the process so you feel in control and supported when you need it. I learned so many life skills in such a short time.

    Emma A

  • Invaluable knowledge for years to come

    Enlightening and informative providing parents with the tools and awareness to build strong connections with confidence. I left feeling capable and empowered. A really worthwhile investment.

    Kate M

  • Amazing journey of discovery

    Andrea’s guidance was very caring and inspiring. Thank you ever so much Andrea!


  • Stopping the battles

    Everyone in my family was constantly arguing. Our sessions with Andrea have transformed us. I recommend investing in yourself, and your family, by making good use of Andrea’s skills.


  • Vital for Therapists

    We listen to our clients daily, but how often do we actually completely listen? I am using my new found skills constantly and am very pleased to have found Andrea.

    Nikki L

  • Highly recommend!

    Andrea guided us through a new way of communicating with our teenagers. She did an excellent job of listening to our personal issues and giving us sufficient airtime, whilst building in the skills we needed.

    Teresa M

  • Helpful and illuminating

    Andrea always gives constructive and useful feedback, and I've learned a great deal about myself and others. Would highly recommend.

    Emma W

  • Enjoyable

    I came away having learnt something both as a parent and a professional.

    Emma K

  • Interesting and useful

    Andrea is very welcoming and created an inclusive space in which to discuss difficulties.


  • Quickly changed things for dad/daughter

    Andrea gave me insight and communication tools to take the heat out of bedtimes and school. She is compassionate, caring and fun (and frankly underpriced for the difference she has made). I’m very particular!


  • Should have done this years ago!

    Should be compulsory for all parents. Andrea was a fantastic guide, wise and personal.

    Toby M

  • Support and guidance

    You’ve helped me to recognise when change is needed and how I go about making this happen. I’m feeling more positive about my professional future.

    Jo H

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I have learnt that relationship is the best system to change behaviour

Instead of compliance and control, focus on consideration and respect. Increase emotional intelligence and help children work out problems instead of arguing about them. As your relationship grows, children will trust you, respect you and be influenced by you.

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