We start by looking at Relationship.  Good relationships are the key to getting things done; and they are essential when your success and wellbeing is dependent on others.

You measure a good relationship by knowing that the respect you have for your child, partner, boss or colleague is higher than your own ego.  It’s when your understanding of each other is greater than your conflicts.  It’s when you feel free to be different people, working and living together for a value that you both share.

This doesn’t come easily.  It requires emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills and problem solving/conflict resolution strategies.  Irrespective of where you are in status and power, it needs you to lead yourself in a way that others will want to follow you.

At home, school or work, I’ll help you turn relationships around – sometimes by finding solutions in the problem itself.  We can work to your pace and in your way. We will probably have some fun.

(I do not offer therapy but  I will safely signpost you towards the right support if I am not right for you, or if you need something different to what I offer.)

For Workplaces

For teams, for individuals, for managers, leaders and graduates.  I help improve relationships through training, facilitating groups and offering 1:1 work.  Please make the most of my 20 years’ experience,my qualifications and my testimonials.

For Parents and Carers

For Mums, Dads and Carers who want to improve relationships at home.   You matter.  It’s time you were back in the driving seat.  With practical and pragmatic 1:1 and group sessions, I will help you take the fight out of the family so you can bring respectful and fulfilling relationships back in.  There are single, dual, multi and blended family approaches.  Take advantage of my 20 years’ experience as a skilled adult trainer, my qualifications in Parenting and Youth Skills, my time as a Family Columnist in the EDP and my TEDx Talk (The Dark Side of Behaviour Charts – my own parenting story and a flavour of the approach I use).

For Young People

For young people who want to be heard, listened to, validated and understood.   You know you want things to be different, but right now it feels complicated.  Try me – I want to help you figure it all out.

For Higher Education and Schools

For academics, researchers  PHD students, supervisors, teachers,  teaching assistants and managers.  I work with HR, L&D and SMTs to plan relational workshops for university and school staff.  I have a track record of taking ‘soft’ skills to hard places.  (By the way,  these skills aren’t soft._  For staff who will benefit from matching their high IQ  with a high EQ (emotional quotient),  take advantage of my 20 years’ experience working in and with the University of East Anglia; and my 8 years’ as a School Parent Governor.

Counselling Skills

For people wanting to enhance their current role or who want to consider  a career in Counselling.  I offer Norwich Centre approved 8 week Introductory Counselling Skills and Theory courses; and one-day Workshops for those who want to know more but have less time.  Take advantage of my 10 years’ experience as Course Director at UEA, my 20 years’ experience teaching Counselling Skills and my current role as Tutor on the Certificate in Counselling Skills Programme at the Norwich Centre.

About Andrea

  • 20 years’ experience working, training and supporting all sectors.
  • UEA graduate (First class)
  • Person Centred Practitioner and Relationships Expert
  • Licensed NLP Practitioner
  • Appreciative Inquiry Coach
  • Action Learning Set Facilitator
  • Certified Parent and Youth Educator (PET/YET)
  • EDP Family Columnist
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Winning Edge Mindset Presenter

Smart, funny, direct, deft and caring: Andrea’s approach gets through to all ages and styles – from teenagers to academics; parents to management executives; and teachers to business owners. 


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