Stronger Relationships Ltd will help you build stronger relationships – at home, work and school. 

Relationships are essential to getting things done, especially when your success and wellbeing is dependent on others. We work with organisations and individuals in all sectors, creating flexible interventions that encourage people to live and work better, together.

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What we do

You measure a good relationship by knowing that the respect you have for your child, partner, boss or colleague is higher than your own ego.  It’s when your understanding of each other is greater than your conflicts; and it’s when you feel free to be different people, working and living together for a value that you both share.

This doesn’t come easily.  It requires emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills and problem solving/conflict resolution strategies.  Irrespective of where you are in status and power, it needs you to lead yourself in a way that others will want to follow you.

At home, work or school, we’ll help you turn relationships around – sometimes by finding solutions in the problem itself.  We can work to your pace and in your way (and we’ll probably have some fun on the way).

We do not offer therapy but will safely signpost you towards the right support if we’re not right for you, or if you need something different.

About Andrea

Smart, funny, direct, deft and caring: Andrea’s approach gets through to all ages and styles – from teenagers to academics; parents to management executives; and teachers to business owners. 

I just love her passion and enthusiasm for what she teaches. 

She always reminds me to let my talents shine.  Her encouragement to put myself out there will stay with me always.

Love her clarity and straightness.  She explains things when I get stuck.

I really appreciate her flexible approach to group requirements.


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