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Coaching & Mentoring

What you need + our knowledge and skills

A Coaching and Mentoring session brings us together, so we can pool our knowledge and skills to get you what you need. You may know something has to change but you might not know how. An objective perspective from an outsider, who has experience and expertise can really help.

As a Coach I will listen. The value of my listening is so that you can hear yourself talk. This provides a non-directive form of development. I’ll work with what you have and support you to build what you need. I will respectfully challenge what I hear, if I think it might be relevant.

As a Mentor I will talk. I will use my experience as an Educator, Trainer and Coach and share my knowledge with you. This is a directive form of development, so that you have every chance of getting what you need, faster.

Our relationship

The success of our work is dependent on the quality of our relationship. I will provide you with a safe, confidential space, where you can talk freely.

This may include sharing uncomfortable emotions like anger, sadness, envy, shame, loss, guilt and fear. These may be the stepping stones to moving you forward. I will create an environment where you can be curious about your life and how it works. It might feel playful and, sometimes, it can even be fun. If you (or I) think you need a more therapeutic environment, I can safely signpost you to a qualified Counsellor. Throughout, we will keep checking that our work together is getting you closer to what you need.

Stronger Relationships | Your willingness to change

Your willingness to change

Through hearing yourself talk, your self awareness will increase.

As your self awareness increases, you will explore the default behaviours you use to manage different situations. You may identify some that may have been important at some time in your life, but may not be working now.

We will explore how you can move from the past and into the present. This will help you make different choices for yourself and the people around you. (It will be a bit like retraining your brain.)

You will want to represent yourself more accurately in your life and I will help you develop the skills to make this a reality.

Your action

The process of change is different for everyone. Sometimes it is fast and sometimes it is slow. Sometimes it can feel stuck.

These are all normal parts of the coaching process, and they are what I am trained to work with. The most important aspect is your willingness to try. As long as that is there, you will get results.

Stronger Relationships | Results


I can help you

My long career in teaching and staff development means that I am highly skilled at supporting people develop personally and professionally.

I’m qualified, with lots of experience, and I’ve got a track record of bringing all sorts of people to their version of success.

If you want change and this process sounds beneficial, find out more about how to work with me and what my fees are.

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