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I’m looking forward to us working together

We can work virtually, using Zoom; or you can schedule a telephone call. If you are close to Norwich you can book an in-person appointment. There is also the option of ‘Ask Andrea’ where we can use email.

  • Option 1

    In-person/online, per hour

    • Young Person (under 25): £55
    • Adult (over 25): £75
    • Couple: £90
    • Family: add £15 per person
    • Group (max 6): £175
    • Supervision – please enquire

    Prices quoted are per hour. I prioritise Young People (under 25) because they represent the future of our world and are one of society’s main agents of change and progress.

    Schedule An In Person Session Schedule a Zoom / Telephone Session
  • Option 2

    Ask Andrea

    £60, per hour

    Ask me something and get a full (2 sides of A4), bespoke response, direct to your inbox. It will take me an hour to read, consider and answer your question. My aim is to be:

      • Understanding: I will work with you and your emotions, so that you feel heard, acknowledged and validated.
      • Objective: I will consider the situation from everyone’s point of view, so that my response to you is unbiased and doesn’t take sides.
      • Authoritative: I will offer you my expertise on Mindset and Relationship Skills so that you have alternative options to consider, and I’ll give you reasons for those options.
      • Positive: I will look for what works

    When you book your slot, I’ll give you some guidance on how to construct your question, so you get the answer you need.

    Schedule An Ask Andrea Slot
  • Option 3

    Not sure about working with me?

    It’s hard to have problems and it’s hard to sort them out. Maybe you are hoping that things will just change. Let’s look at what ‘doing nothing’ is costing you. You will probably be losing time, money, energy, mental and physical health, happiness, relationships, and your oomph for life. You may feel like you’re losing yourself. The cost of doing nothing is simply too high (and I think this is particularly true for parenting).

    80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. (Source).

    I want you to be happier. Let’s talk and see how this would work.

    Schedule A Free Discovery Call Reviews

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